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The club was formed in 1901 and is one of the oldest clubs in the country,the club is still situated in its original position within the CCA Fields in Cullompton.
The photos below show just how much the club has changed over the years with the most significant improvements being made in the last 20 years, the club during which time the clubhouse has been rebuilt, extended and had a bar installed. The club has also purchased the deeds to the land making us the sole owners.


Sadly during the floods of 2012 many of the old photos from the club were damaged beyond repair but some where salvagable and are posted below, look out for the photos from the early 1900 which are still in remarkably good condition all these years on.









During the winter of 2012 the club suffered significant damage due to flooding, the club house and green were under water for almost a month. 

This led to extensive renovations to the club house giving the members what we see today, a nice comfortable clubhouse which now also boasts its own bar.

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